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Ride Rules:
All riders participating in a ride with the San Clemente Scooter  Club are expected to:
1. Wear suitable clothing and approved head protection.
2. To have a registered, insured and roadworthy scooter.
3. Know that they participate entirely at their own risk and the organizers and/or San Clemente Scooter Club are not responsible for participant's safety.
4. All participants/riders are aware that they are traveling on open public roads and are responsible for their own safety and compliance with all road rules and laws as their #1 priority.
5. Conduct that causes nuisance, damage to, theft of, the property of any other person is the sole responsibility of the individual.
The San Clemente Scooter Club retains the sole right to prohibit the participation of any rider who flouts the above rules.
Note: We occasionally may do a ride that involves some freeway riding. We will always note this. Each rider is responsible themself for knowing and obeying all traffic laws. You must have a 150 cc or larger scooter to legally ride on the freeway. Individuals joining this group and participating in SCSC rides understand that there are inherent risks involved in scootering and that they are responsible for their own safety. Though SCSC provides guidelines and organization for group rides, we are not liable for any personal injury or damage to property that results from participating in our events.

What Are the CA State Laws For Operating a Street Legal Motor Scooter?
You may operate a motorized scooter with a Class M1 or M2 driver license. For more information read How to Get a Scooter License.

Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Helpful Info for Scooter Riders (click on the link to go to MSF webpage). Riders participating at any SCSC event agree to have read and be familiar with this information:
1.  Alcohol Awareness
2.  You and Your Scooter: Riding Tips
Personal Protective Gear When Riding
4.  Guide to Group Riding

More Good Riding Safety Tips (thanks Tito for these helpful links!):
-5 Ways to Cheat Death on a Motorcycle(or Scooter)
-5 More Ways to Cheat Death on a Motorcycle(or Scooter)

What is the San Clemente Scooter Club?
The San Clemente Scooter Club is an informal association of interested parties who encourage the use two-wheeled motor scooters as environmentally friendly means of transportation and recreation.  The mission of this association is to scoot together, offer opportunities for exchange of ideas, advocacy of issues of interest, provide social opportunities for members and, most importantly, to have a good time.

Can I go on the scoots/cruises with the San Clemente Scooter Club?
Guests and non-members are always welcomed to come check out and participate in our rides. To do so you must read and be familiar with all the safety info (see above) and abide by our ride rules (see above).  To receive notices of coming events check our Events Tab on website or our Facebook page "SanClemente ScooterClub"

Can I Join the San Clemente Scooter Club?

We are an informal group that choose to ride together for fun. Every person who participates is responsible for their own safety and for obeying all traffic laws and regulations.

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Our Club's trip out to Balboa Peninsula November 2012
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